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Our New BLOG HOME:  http://www.terrywalling.com Gain access to more blogs from Terry B. Walling and the coaches from Leader Breakthru... along with PODCASTS and links to all the new resources.  All waiting for you at our new site. Hurry Over! That is where Terry's new posts will be beginning on January 1, 2020! See you … Continue reading We’ve Moved! Visit Our New Blog!

isolation processing.

(Our most popular blog post... updated) Isolation can occur, even in the midst of a crowd. A person in isolation often does not sense the presence of God. What they typlically use to get to God, no longer works. The familiar becomes unfamiliar.  Isolation is very much an alone time; drought, lonely and a frustrating spiritual … Continue reading isolation processing.

forwarding your development

be-yond ||preposition, adverb further-reaching than; happening or continuing after; having progressed or achieved more than; outside the physical limits or range. I spent long summers in the family car, making treks across the USA, traveling from California to Florida, and back. Can't go much farther than that in the continental US.  Four long days in … Continue reading forwarding your development

confessions of a yes-aholic

You may ( I hope) have noticed that I had take a break from new, blog posts! My rhythm for posting had gotten pretty consistent; three posts a week. And it was exciting as more and more readers were joining in on the discussions. I am back writing again. So WHY did I stop? Especially … Continue reading confessions of a yes-aholic

sacred space ii.

  [sacred space provides a break for the norm] “The disciplines are those activities of mind and body, purposely undertaken to bring personality and one’s total being into effective cooperation with the Spirit of God so as to reflect Kingdom life.” —Rev. John Field Spiritual disciplines need to be removed from the category of historical … Continue reading sacred space ii.

are you a safe leader?

[ are you safe ] "Own your wounding or risk inflicting it on others!" I will never forget hearing that line for the first time as I listened to a podcast from Men's Retreat session taught by John Eldredge. It resonated with me, and the years I have fought through my own wounding and pathology. … Continue reading are you a safe leader?

then what?

Then What? It is not a question whether hardship, disappointment or the unexplained will happen to those who love Jesus Christ. He told us that we would not be able to escape life. It's not if, but when, and how (John 16:33). Bad things happen to good people. Good leaders experience deep processing. The Church … Continue reading then what?

on-line community. possible?

Is it Possible to Have Community... Virtually? Is it even possible to build a sense of community when you are not physically present? In conference calls? In On-line tele-classes or classrooms? Within threaded discussions? Before we go after the topic... a humorous look at why virtual has its challenges and limits. Take a look! It's … Continue reading on-line community. possible?


Focusing on leadership alone is short-sighted. Invest a few moments to watch (experience) this video, and then let me explain the more. Mike's journey with God is one that has been cultivated, nurtured and developed. He has sought the genuine, watched his faith is deepened, anchored himself in the "person" of Christ, as opposed to … Continue reading more.

the juggling act! [podcast]

It takes skill to know how to keep all the plates in the air! [ Ministry Formation] The shaping of skills is another tool God uses to form a leader. Psalm 78:72 says... "And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them." This version of the weekend podcast talks about … Continue reading the juggling act! [podcast]

leveraging Jesus

Who is all this really about... You, or Christ? "Do you love me?" The interaction between Peter and Jesus in John 21 produced one of the penetrating of all challenges in the New Testament. Entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders alike... this same interaction could also be asked of us.  All those who stand at the crossroads … Continue reading leveraging Jesus

faith challenges, ii.

Faith Means Facing Consistent Challenges Faith Challenges, Part 2. Ran across an interesting read from Steve Pressfield, "The War of Art." In it he chronicles the worthy struggle of bringing out what lies deep within each of us, and hit me with a truth that I think all leaders need to hear. "There is no … Continue reading faith challenges, ii.

three ways to see

Many leaders are fuzzy when it comes to their self-awareness. More than we'd like to admit... most of us need greater personal clarity. Trapped by the many things we can do, have to do, or are expected to do, most have little time to do the few things that we should do. And when our … Continue reading three ways to see

an aversion to finishing

There can be a wide-gap between launching a project and bringing it to completion. Do you love to start... but dread what is required to finish what you started? I love dreaming, innovating and launching and getting it out there. I love looking back on a finished product or project. But that stuff in between... … Continue reading an aversion to finishing