Living in the Almost, but NOT YET!


Life in the land of the In-Between is no fun!

The life of every Christ-follower and leader goes through a series of transition moments. These become times of self-evaluation. consolidation and decision-making.

But followers often get lost in transitions, groping in the fog for answers, direction and understanding of how God is at work. They often want to escape these moments, and not live in the land of in-between. The irony is that the in-between periods of life, the transitions, God often does some of His deepest, and potentially greatest work, in the life of His followers.

“We cannot escape most of the crises in our lives, nor
should we. In fact, these events frequently provide
the energy for movement in our spiritual journey.”

– Janet Hagberg, The Critical Journey

As I have taught the Transitions paradigm to leaders I meet in my classes and in the market-
place, there is a welcomed excitement for these concepts. For the first time many who
have been committed to serving God, get a glimpse of God’s shaping activity in their lives.
This results in new zeal and courage to live a life that counts.”

Three things to help you with navigating a TRANSITION:

1. Transition have a cycle to them; entry, evaluation, alignment and direction… with most of the time spent in the interplay between evaluation and alignment.

2. Transitions are many as God shapes our lives, but there are three strategic transitions; awakening (where God clarifies CALLING), deciding (where God reveals CONTRIBUTION), and finishing (where God unfolds CONVERGENCE and legacy).

3. Get all you can out of a transition. Instead of fighting the lack of clarity, go with it and allow God to do his work. It will come to an end, and you are left with what you were able to process.

There are core truths to know about transitions: The Characteristics of a Transition, The
Transition Cycle, Three Major Transitions, Transition Processing, and Five Habits that
move you through a transition and finish well.

Checkout my book STUCK! for ore insights.!+Walling


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