Live Life to Discover


As I walked up the jet-way ramp today, I saw this sign! It stopped me dead in my tracks, causing a major traffic jam in this people tunnel,  and made me into a pain to those behind me as I fished for my phone.

First it was the large letters and design… LIVE LIFE TO DISCOVER. But then, it was the sum total of the message…  LIVE LIFE TO DISCOVER THE SWEET SPOT.

The posture of “discovery” is where life in Christ is meant to be lived. Ours is a call to discover, not invent. It is not question of whether God is at work in our lives. Our challenge is to surrender ourselves and our time to the posture of discovery and alignment with His work.

Discovery of one’s personal calling is where the journey begins.  Somewhere near the mid-game, the focus shifts from calling to contribution. One way to describe your unique contribution is to see as the intersection of your gifts, abilities and skills… the sweet spot.

Contribution is about living life to discover of how God has shaped each of us to make our unique mark in God’s bigger picture.

So who knows… maybe while walking from one plane to another, or in an ad that was intended to communicate another message, you might also stop you in your tracks.  Especially if it reminds you that LIFE should be lived as a process of DISCOVERY, the uncovering of how God has shaped your for a unique and ultimate  contribution.



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