It is NO LONGER Acceptable!


It is no longer acceptable that only ONE out of THREE Leaders FINISH WELL.

The research indicates that so few will actually finish well. (Dr. J. Robert Clinton). What we need is the generations alive NOW… comprised of younger, mid-game and finishing leaders ,who will accept the challenge, make the commitment to CHANGE THE PERCENTAGE, and pass that commitment onto those they lead.

Finishing Well has to do with being more passionate for Christ, more surrendered to his mission, and more sacrificial with time, talent and treasure, at the end than in the beginning.

What say you?

Here are five core postures and commitments to help bolster your resolve:

Core Commitment 1: renewing … commit to repeated times of personal renewal.

Core Commitment 2: growing … commit to be an ongoing, intentional lifelong learner.
Core Commitment 3: discovering … commit to live with a big-picture, sovereign perspective.
Core Commitment 4: changing … commit to live with a dynamic sense of calling and contribution.
Core Commitment 5: entrusting… commit to coaching (mentoring) and being coached.

The percentage can change… but it must change one leader at a time. It changes when one leader commits to another, that one out of three is no longer acceptable.


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