Duck Dynasty?


(NOTE: I have UPDATED this Blog POST, since it first appeared. It is my one of my most viewed blogs.)

Somebody Help!

I know some very smart, highly educated, respected people, who are used by God to lead and influence hundreds if not thousands of people, who lead important organizations for the Kingdom, and who are absolutely addicted to Duck Dynasty. Really? Hello?

You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

It seems that the more the ridiculous the episode, the greater the following grows.

And, as each episode comes to a close and DD typically ends with a picture of the local Church, a moral to the story, and sometimes prayer around the dinner table. These same really smart, highly educated people, look at me and say: “See! Look at that! This is really a great show!”

Though I risk being ex-communicated from the Christian faith, somebody needs to bring some sanity to all of this, and help us redeem all the hours being spent at the Duck Commander warehouse!

I am ready to (humbly) offer a “thoughtful response.”

Here’s how (I think) Duck Commander, the Robertson tribe, and all the struggles one can experience in leading a million-dollar, duck-caller business, can actually have redeeming value (careful Terry).

I would like to propose the following new tool: “The DDDI 2000 – The Duck Dynasty Dysfunctional Index.” The New DDDI-2000 can help assist you in the recognition of dysfunctional personality-types that can/might exist within your organization.  Clean-up the gene-pool that could be polluting your organization, today!

The Seven Dysfunctional Profiles

The Father Phils – These are ones who sits back in their camouflage recliners, quietly waiting to see how the organization will fail next. They know that others need their help, but wait back and are quietly amused by the solutions others. They then come up with the better way, rescuing the system, muttering to themselves: “Never send a boy to do a man’s job!”  Know any Phils?

The Miss Kays – These are the real “power brokers” of any family system. They are the gatekeepers. Nothing will go too far, or run very well, unless it has their ultimate blessing, and they swings the gate of acceptance open. There are things are done he or she does not like, but everyone knows that if “Miss Kay” ain’t happy, then no body is happy! Don’t ignore the “Miss Kays!”

The Si’s (The Uncle) – Those in the crowd who always seem to have the answers. They are the “logic vacuums” who use their swamp water philosophy and experiences of life, to spin new truths. Whatever their answer, it is said with a passion that makes you wonder (I can’t believe I am saying this), is that true?  And if you question the Si’s, they remind you of their “24-years in the Military service to their Country!”

The Jases (The Brother) – They are examples of those who desire leadership, but chose social commentary and critique as their way of providing leadership. The Jases create a sense of urgency, and give the impression that they are ready to step-up and take over the reigns of leadership, only to reveal that it would be an even greater disaster if they did.  Any Chases nearby?

The Willies (The self-proclaimed CEOs) – They are the ones who can see what is needed, and know that he or she are born to lead. They know that if anything of substance is to occur, someone has to step forward.  So they reluctantly step up, while still secretly wondering if they have what it takes. They will consistently helps us know that the “CEO” position is a tough job, but they are the leader we need, if we woyld just follow them. Any self-proclaimed CEOs in your group?

The Robertson Women These are the one’s who have banded together and call for muting, realizing that the incredible ineptness in leadership is getting all of us no where! Together (with Miss Vicki as their spokesperson) these rebels seek to bring about a continual “take over” and lead these dysfunctional yahoos out of the wilderness and into the promise land, only to fall prey to the same, toxic behavior.

The Allen (The Older, Non-involved Brother) – He is labeled as the “black sheep” of the Robertson family, yet he is actually the “Pastor” in the bunch. They are seen as the “Christian” in the bunch, who are of the cloth, yet disconnected from the reality “make-believe world” that our beared-wonders have created. By the way… why do they all have beards?

There you have it.

The New DDDI – 2000: The Duck Dynasty Dysfunctional Index. You can now measure the health of your organization or family system, against these six prototypes.  (Steady Christians… I am just having some fun)

So… the next time you watch Duck Dynasty, use the DDDI-2000 seven Profiles, and the 60-minutes you will invest at Duck Commander, to grow in your change agent, leadership skills. As you watch grown men paint their faces with black paint, get their quads stuck in the mud, and sit around in their make-believe office pontificating their bearded versions of logic, you now can learn how to better recognize dysfunctional , organizational behavior.

By the way… (added since my earlier post of this Blog)

Don’t let those beards fool you!

Behind their camouflage appearances and the “unruly” facial hair, I am told there is the method to their madness. I am told, they know what they are doing. That, in their own way, they are bringing their faith, family values, and their passion for Christ, into the mainstream media.

Finally,  some reason.

PS… By the way, checkout their website and get your Duck Dynasty Christmas Album? Really?

8 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty?

  1. Well… if you are going to do this kind is assessment for Duck Dynasty, you ought to consider taking on Downton Abbey. Lots of material for family systems analysis.

    Elaine Sent from my iPhone

    • Good point!
      In fact Downton Abbey may have more material, but judging by the response I received on the Ducks, no telling the land mines that might go off if I assess the Brits!

  2. LOL! Terry, Sitting in a duck blind at 4:00 am waiting…is kinda like getting to a Dodgers game early…HOPE is a powerful thing brother! Would we all be as dysfunctional, hopefully.


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