The WAY FORWARD is sometimes not about the right answers, but in determining and asking yourself the right questions.

Ask the right questions, and you can discover the right answers. The better the questions, the greater the potential to uncover the answers that have the potential of unlocking the way forward.

The FOUR Questions listed below are the right kind of questions. There are other sets of questions that also helpful, but these four have proved to be gold in our coaching at Leader Breakthru. I have used all four, together, to help leaders better know where they are, and discover answers to help move life and leadership forward.

I first discovered these four, powerful questions through the Life Planning Training I took with Tom Patterson. These are expanded in his book, Living a Life that Counts. I next encountered them through my coach training, and through related coaching training.

God is already at work in each of our lives and development.

Questions promote sovereign discovery. Discovery is about learning to ask one’s self the right questions and investing time seeking to hearing God’s voice among all the voices in your life. Answer’s to the questions below help Christ-followers better discern what can unlock the future, and better understand how God is at work, shaping and forming each of our lives.


Question #1: WHAT’S RIGHT?

What’s occurring that needs to ENHANCED? Often there are many positive, good and quality opportunities that are present but often are overshadowed by the pressing problems or issues.

Question #2: WHAT’S WRONG?

What’s occurring that needs to be CHANGED? Often there are struggles or difficulties that need to be change or addressed. Finally naming what they are, specifically, can sometimes begin the process of breaking through.


What’s needs to be ADDED to what is occurring? Often there are things being overlooked or components of a solution that can make a significant difference. Adding or addressing what is missing can often move the ball down the field, and help to address the obstacles. It may not be many things. It could be a few, very strategic things.


What’s needs to be CLARIFIED in  terms what is occurring, or what is needed to move forward? Often there are a few, critical issues where new information is needed, and greater emphasis in knowing what is actually occurring can unlock the answer. Sometimes this involves get the new eyes on the problem, or experiencing the benefit of a mentor or coach.

THE WAY FORWARD can often be determined as you answer what’s is right, and needs to be built upon, what’s wrong that needs to be changed, what’s missing that needs to be added to the equation, and what’s confused that needs to be answered.


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