Your PASSION Could be Pointing to Your DESTINY


David, unlike any Bible character before him, was a leader whose passion was used to inspire and lead  the people of God.

His passion was contagious, as he led men into battle, and as a new nation into existence. Yet in other ways he was a most ordinary man, often gripped by destructive passion, rocked by personal tragedy, and motivated by political gain.

David was the child-King who put his confidence in the God behind his sling, and the one character the Bible describes as a “man after God’s own heart.” His passion and love for God came through as both a “warrior” and “poet.”

David was passionate to see Israel defended, and for his people to know God like he knew. His Psalms speak to the reality of faith within all of us. They tell of the ups-and-downs, the victories-and-hard, the questions of the God he served and loved, and the enemies whom he sought to help, yet at times hated.

In his “Great Lives” series, Chuck Swindoll speaks about a David who proved his love for God many times over, in an extraordinary life, a desire for the authentic, and who left an enduring legacy of faith.

David’s passion for God pointed to his call to lead and serve his God. What are you passionate about? What could your passions be saying about how God has shaped you for influence in the future?

Tom Patterson, in his book “Living the Life You Were Meant to Live”, provides three helpful categories of passion as it relates to the personal development of a leader. We (Leader Breakthru) use these categories to help identify a leader’s unique contribution in our  Life Consultation process. In our two-day process we look at a leader’s past to gain perspective on his/her unique wiring, and seek to surface both today’s passion and the potential of tomorrow’s personal destiny.

Three Categories of Passion

Category 1: Who are the PEOPLE you are most passionate to influence.?

Who do you seek to influence, and who do you desire to serve, influence or impact? (Ex., leaders, children, marginalized, young families, business executives, students, entrepreneurs, etc.)

Category 2: What is the CAUSE that you must see remedied or change?

What issue or situation (that exists today) must be brought to the attention of others, and solved? What are you most passionate to remedy? (Ex., church renewal, missional ministry, marketplace mission, neighborhood evangelism, Christian marriage, home-making, human trafficking, etc.)

Category 3: How are you gifted to FUNCTION to bring influence. If we would let you, do a particular function, what you would do all day as an act of worship and service to your God?

How would you spend your energies, if you could, and what would you do? What is that function, or combination of activities, you feel most equipped to do? (Ex., writing, promoting, strategizing, nurturing, analyzing, serving, leading, creating, motivating, coaching, mentoring, etc.)

So Who is it?  What is it?  And… How would you do it?

How are you “most” passionate to see your life lived?  And how would you define worship of your Savior, if we broaden the definition to be how you live all of your life?

Your answers are part of the clues to your destiny… your gifting, your past development, and your natural abilities/acquired skills are also part of your future. But your responses are one part of what God has shaped into your life, and begin to point to issues of contribution… and destiny.

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