It’s about a life that seeks greater alignment with Christ.  It involves translating what we say and know to be true, into daily life, and an ongoing lifestyle. And that means intentional choices in the future.

Christ-followers who FINISH WELL are those who are more in love with Jesus, at the end, then in the beginning. There is an ongoing, growing, intimacy with Christ that translates into a life sourced from something way beyond duty and responsibility.

Failure to finish well is rarely the result of ONE choice, but the by-product of small, incremental steps of failure. The beginnings of the end often appear at a time when Christ-followers and leaders have become “proficient” in the faith and ministry.

Time is short. The days are already numbered. Our challenge is to fight past the obstacles that life presents, and even at times having to push through other believers who started well, but are not finishing well for Christ, and hear those words at the end… “well done, thou good and faithful servant. (Matthew 25:14-39)

Will You Finish Well?

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