Finding Your Tribe [ Leader DEVELOPERS ]

What Tribe Do You Belong To?


Tribe Building is about finding the group in which you share an affinity and entering into conversation and dialogue with those individuals. It’s about (1) identifying those who share your passion, and (2) participating in the growth and advancement of one another.

In his book, “Tribes – We Need You to Lead Us,” Seth Godin defines a tribe as “a group of people connected to another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” Godin goes on to say that a tribe has two requirements: (1) a shared interest, and (2) a defined way in which to communicate.

How do you find/build a Tribe?

1. Discover Your Passion and arena of contribution

2. Volunteer to lead and/or be an intentional contributor

3. Be generous and share what you have / know – it’s not about taking, but giving

4. Communicate – share your stories with the tribe – share the tribe others outside the tribe

All of us are members of tribes. What are some of yours?

  • Apple Users
  • Missional Practitioners
  • Pinterest Enthusiasts
  • Sushi Lovers
  • Fantasy Football
  • Techies
  • Environmental Friendlies


Chances are if you are following this blog, you are a Leader DEVELOPER.

Leader DEVELOPERSĀ  share a common interest to see people grow in Christ, make their Kingdom contribution, and to finish well. They also desire to be on of those leaders. This Blog (along with other ways) gives us a way to communicate. And, many of you have shared my blog with others (thank you)!

Many of you have good things to say. I’d love for you to share your responses not only on Facebook and Twitter, but also using the REPLY option here on the Blog, responding to various posts where you have something to add to the conversation. We are also set up to have threaded conversations.

WMU Leadership Colloquium_clip_image002

Like the New BLOG?

We have upgraded the look and functionality of this Blog as part of our commitment is help facilitate our conversation… giving us a place to meet. We commit to work hard on posting helpful content, and we will continue to look for ways to help make it easier for all of to participate. We will be inviting several of you to do a guest blog post, periodically.

So What do You Think? Ideas? Comments?

I have done some more thinking about all of this. See Leader DEVELOPERS on top of the Blog.

Let’s continue to develop ways for Our TRIBE to communicate and share our learning more, helping each other resource the personal development of leaders better, in the days ahead.

3 thoughts on “Finding Your Tribe [ Leader DEVELOPERS ]

  1. Dr. Chip MacGregor suggests that one of the keys in communicating and marketing, particularly with books, is to find out where our tribe is and go there, whether by social media or in real time.


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