Break through… and break free… navigating life’s transition moments.


Transitions are “in-between” moments in the lives of passionate, Christ-followers.

God does some of his most important work during times of transition. Without transitions leaders will get stuck in their development. But even the most mature Christ-followers or leader can get lost during transitions, losing sight of how God is at work. So, how can one navigate and even survive, if they find themselves in a time of transition?

stuckTransitions are not just about vocational or life stage change. Transitions are characterized by a prolonged sense of restlessness and isolation.  They often produce a diminished confidence, paralysis, and inability to move forward. Often God has gone quiet, and no matter what an individual tries, nothing seems to help.  Someone in a transition knows he or she cannot go back to what was, but they are not sure which way forward.

The problem is that transitions do not go away quickly. They can last from three months to three years, or beyond. As they continue, leaders get frustrated. They often take things into their own hands, and/or return back to what they know, as oppose to moving into what they do not know.

God is often at work taking a leader deeper in his/her dependency on him. God is not in a hurry when it comes to transitions. The formation of His followers is a top priority to Him. What a leader needs during a transition is perspective.

The ground breaking book, STUCK! – Navigating Life and Leadership Transitions by that Walling-guy (shameless promotion) resources transition moments. It focuses on: (1) defining transitions, (2) providing insights on how transitions typically occur, and (3) identifies three strategic transitions all Christ-followers face in route to finishing well.

Are you in a Transition? Here a couple thoughts.

1. Get all you can out of a transition. Transitions will come to an end. When they are over, you will have what you were willing to pursue.

2. The prize of surrender is revelation.  Instead of fighting the confusion and lack of answers, go with it. As you align yourselves with God purposes, you have a greater capacity to see God’s purposes.

3. Don’t go it alone. If you have heard me speak, you will no doubt have head me say;  “You don’t get to clarity alone.” (Proverbs 27:17; 2 Tim. 2:2) We gain courage through community. And in transitions, we need those to walk alongside (coaches), and those who have gone before (mentors).

ON THAT NOTE… did you know that there is a Discussion Guide that goes with the book STUCK?  It is found in the book’s Appendix, but now is  available as a pdf-download. Now you can walk with others, and together go after a breakthrough in each of your development.

downloadThe 10-Page Discussion Guide provides and overview of the four major sections of the book, key summation points along with discussion questions related to each chapter.

Small Group Resource: Use STUCK! and the discussion guide/questions to process your transitions, together. Transitions are hard enough.  Whether group members are in a transition, or have just come through a transitions, all Christ-followers will benefit from understanding God’s purposes during a transition, and how to navigate a transition.

Coaches: The Discussion Guide will help you think through questions as you guide those you coach through a transition. In addition there are three chapters in the book dedicate to coaching questions related to the three strategic transitions.

What to Order STUCK? Here’s how!

What more information on STUCK! Workshop and Tele-Class?

© Terry Walling / 2013


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