style. [ the podcast #1]


I recently helped a leader sort through his frustrations.

As I went to the whiteboard and diagrammed FOUR basic styles of leaders, I could literally feel a sense of relief come sweeping into the room! Finally, someone was giving this leader permission to be himself!

Like many, this leader had been jammed into the mold and expectations of others.  He ministered so much out of all the duties and responsibilities that come with the “leader” job, that he had begun to lose sight of himself.  Along with that, we (the Church) were also beginning to lose, as the contribution God had wired him to make still laid under the wraps. This happens a lot!

In God’s economy, He shapes each of us for a unique and ultimate contribution (Eph. 2:10).

There are multiple styles and types of leaders because there are multiple and varied leadership situations.

All of us are called to be servant leaders, and each of us must respond to the needs of key moment in any assignment, regardless of our gifting. This topic does not preclude that God does shape each us outside our comfort zone. But, you can only minister out of duty and responsibility so long!

The question: When given a chance to be YOU… what STYLE of leadership do YOU offer? This is the first of a new feature called, “The WEEKEND Podcast.” It focuses on this important topic:  4-STYLES of Leader.

Have a LISTEN! Let us know what you think!


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