what makes leader? [podcast #2]



Are you a leader?

What is it that makes someone a leader?

Leadership is influence, not position. Having the title or position of a leader does not automatically make someone a leader.

Some leaders shy away from the title of leader because of the abuse of power, and the negative use of authority they have seen or personally experienced. Others disqualify the title of “leader” and the topic of leadership because of not seeing it in Bible, preferring use the terms of servant, or bond-servant, to describe the function of the shepherding of God’s people.

One way to look differently about leadership is to move away from the “positional approach” and baggage that comes to the discussion, and see leadership in terms of influence; godly influence. The one who has the influence, has the leadership, regardless of the title or position. The one who had the greatest impact and influence of all time (Christ) had no position, but exercised leadership, and was himself a leader.

The question in this Weekend Podcast relates to what distinguishes a leader from a follower? And, how to recognize a leader, regardless of the position they hold.

Have a listen to this edition of The WEEKEND Podcast: “What Makes You a Leader.” 


Have a LISTEN! What are your thoughts?

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