96 seconds

So here are the stats…

Blogs receiving 60 visits per day had an average visit length of 100 seconds which was almost the same as blogs averaging 2000 visits a day (ave. 96 seconds).

96 seconds is not a very long time. 

It is quite disillusioning to realize that after slaving over a post for hours (or days of drafting and editing like I do sometimes) that it is likely to be skimmed over in less than two minutes. What’s the point?

There is an important point.

Inside of you are insights, thoughts, ideas and resources that the rest of us need. And the 96-second rule is a good one. Why? It makes you and I discipline ourselves to say something that we know as important in a concise, focused way.

In the day of noise and constant messaging, people may miss it, if you can’t say it, concisely. But there something more.

The POINT: If you can’t say what you have learned in a concise way, you might not be given the chance to say it later, in a more detailed way.

Conversely… if you can say what you know in a concise way, people will often want to hear more of what you know in a deeper way.

I see my Blogs as “Stump Speeches.” They are core, leadership development thoughts that leaders need, and yet must be digested and leave an impact in a short amount of time.

The idea of a STUMP SPEECH comes from the whistle stops that politicians use to make along the train routes of the old steam locomotives. It would take them 3-5 minutes to fill the engines with water. During that time, politicians would jump off the train, stand on a tree stump, give their focused  talk, inspire the crowd, and hop back on only to repeat the same drill the next time the water tanks need replenishment.

Leadership Development falls into the IMPORTANT, NOT URGENT BASKET.

I have learned the more I can share core truth in a concise, memorable manner (Ex., YOU DO NOT GET THE CLARITY ALONE), the more people remember it.

The more they remember it, the greater chance I get to say it in 96-seconds (Ex. you reading this blog), and potentially, the greater chance I might have to teach it in a more, extended, training experience (Ex., 2-Day COACHING SKILLS TRAINING).


What do you know? Can you concisely say what you know? Can you say it in a phrase… in 96-Seconds?

Go to your favorite coffee shop in the near future, and write down a series of topics that relate to core insights and truths God has entrusted to you. Then, seek to say what you know in a concise, memorable phrase in a few seconds.

If you can say what you know in a concise way… you probably will… and that could lead to greater influence.

By the way… why not start your own blog?

In the future, I will share more of my journey into the world of blogging and social media.

10 thoughts on “96 seconds

  1. When coaching young kids, we always used the 2 minute drill. Set them down and talk at them for more than 2 minutes and they start throwing grass and wrestling with each other. I guess we are all still kids at heart, just have bigger problems but the same attention spans. We need the information so we can process it quickly but with enough bite that it stays with us long enough to bring it up at a later time. Keep up the blog Terry, it’s got me thinking.

    1. Thanks!
      I am find bite-sized still needs to have good depth. It’s almost harder to go incremental. Maybe that is why more don’t distill what they know down to a few minutes, as opposed to going on and on.

      Thanks for the comment.


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