are you in a transition? [The Podcast #3]


All leaders go through times of transition. The question is not whether you will go through times of transitions, but will the transitions have gone through you. Will  you have gotten all you can out of your transitions?

In a transition a leader knows he or she cannot go back to what once was, but they also know that the future is uncertain. Transitions often create times of isolation, confusion, and diminished confidence.   The result is that many leaders often get lost in times of transition, or they return back to what they know, as opposed to moving forward in their development.

The point: Without transitions, leaders would arrest and/or plateau in their development. Leaders often want to rush a transition, but God is not in a hurry. God does some of greater work, shaping a leader during times of transition.


Have a LISTEN to this edition to this PODCAST!

Love to know your thoughts regarding transitions and what  you might be experiencing if you are in a transition!

Check out The Book:  STUCK! Navigating Life and Leadership Transitions


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