[ sacred space ] i.

A pause.


[ sacred space ]

sacred space… a different type of post… intentional space and time for communion… a break from the normal flow of ideas and information… transformation focused… a holy interruption… a time for a prayer, a passage, and a pause to reflect… in the midst of our busy lives.

Linger in my presence a while. Rein in your impulses to plunge into the days activities. If you are not adequately equipped for the journey, you will grow weary and lose heart. Relax with Me.  — Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

a prayer…something from the past

Lord, I give it all back. Take and receive all that I am and have. You’ve given it to me; I give it all back to you. Do what you want with me. Just give me your love and your grace, and that’s enough. — Adapted from St. Ignatius

(linger… pray it over… from both your voice and your heart)

a passage…some time in the Scriptures

Psalm 130… some bread for you and your soul.

(read…ponder…re-read…. pray your way through)

a pause… some thoughts worth our thoughts.

The purpose of the Christ life is not to fill our heads with doctrine, but to awaken us to a spiritual quality of life that excites, energizes and enriches us with a more genuine human life.

— James Houston, The Transforming Power of Prayer

We spend most of our lives trying to make things happen for ourselves, and for the people we love. But life is not reduced to what you give, or know, or achieve. But life is not reduced to your mistakes, your failures, or your sin. Life isn’t even defined by whom you love. Rather, life is defined by the God who loves you.

— M. Craig Barnes, Sacred Thirst

Never once did it occur to me that when I found the trail again, it would ruin my life forever. For once you feel the breath of God breath on your skin, you can never turn back, you can never settle for what was, you can only move recklessly, with abandon, your heart filled with fear and your ears ringing with those constant words, “Fear Not.” — Mike Yacconelli

“The healthiest exercise of the mind of a Christian is to learn to apprehend the truth granted to it in vision. By prayer and determination, we have to form the habit of keeping ourselves soaked in the vision God has given. The difficulty with the majority of us is that we will not seek to apprehend the vision, we get a glimpse of it and leave it alone. It is not a question of intellectual discernment or of knowing how to present the vision to others, but seeking to apprehend the vision so that it may apprehend us.” 

— J. Oswald Sanders

a closing prayer…

Father, I love You whom I do not know… I embrace You whom I do not see… and I abandon myself to You whom I have offended, because of Your great and unending love for me.  Be my source, be my life, be my guide, and be thou my vision, this day … and always. (Adapted from Thomas Merton)

Effective ministry flows out of who we are… effective ministry flows out of being (Mark 3:13-15).

So what stood out to you from this the exercises above? Love to hear what God might have said… or even done.

(Note: Periodically, I want to stop and allow the blog to feature time for some sacred space. What would be most helpful for you?)

© Terry Walling / 2013


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