am I a leader? [ Podcast #4 ]


Am I Leader or Not?  [Podcast #4]

Some resist the term leader, having experienced abuse by leader, or they hold to the view that the term “leader” is just a business import and not Biblical. Others resist being labeled a “leader” because they do not like the limelight or being upfront. And still others have been told they cannot be a leader in places like the Church.

Help! There is a lot of confusion around the term “leader” and the idea of “leadership.”

Leadership is influence, not position. Position is to be used as one means to exercise influence.

Kingdom Influence is shaped by God over a Christ-follower’s lifetime. Christ had the greatest influence, yet held no position. Culture has led us to believe that you need position to have influence.

Leaders are found in everywhere. At home, in the convenience store, at school, on the construction site as well as in the corporate office and the Church. They are young, old, men and women. What’s does it mean to be a Godly leader and what distinguishes a leader from a follower?

It might surprise you that regardless of the position in life you hold, you might be a leader. That’s the topic of this next edition of the WEEKEND Podcast.


Have a LISTEN! Let us know what you think!

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