true. [ authentic leadership > 5-of-5 ]

billy graham

authentic leaders are true.

They live their lives more surrendered to the message and the mission of Christ, at the end then in the beginning.

We conclude our FIVE-PART series on AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP with the clarity of the CROSS, the message that the authentic life only comes as one accepts Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and with the life of ONE LEADER who lived TRUE to that truth!

Billy Graham has lived the life a passionate Christ-follower, surrendered, and AUTHENTIC, to the very end.

Take a few minutes and watch.

Billy Graham lived a life that was TRUE.

An “Authentic Life” is not a perfect life.

An authentic life is a life that seeks to live TRUE to the message of Christ, through the ups and downs of this life. It is a life that seeks to be TRUE to the call and the personal mandate given to every one of us by Christ (Eph. 2:10).

Authentic leaders are mission focused, desiring to see more of the fruit that “remains” from their lives (John 15:1-8). They personify what it means to be more in love with Jesus in the end, then at the beginning. They are the “real” deal. And they commit to finish well.

Authentic Leaders make decisions that benefit Christ’s Kingdom, not their own. They pursue results that make more disciples and help those they influence to discover and live out their own faith and unique God-shaped calling.

If you have not surrendered to Christ, and come to the truth of the Cross, you cannot be an Authentic Leader. A leaders may seek to be transparent and open, but authentic leadership comes only as one encounters the hope offered through Jesus Christ. Christ death and resurrection, the conquering our sin is what sets a man or woman to be truly free and authentic. ” Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

If you sway from the message of Christ, and the mission that Jesus has given to each of us as leaders…

If your life and its message is focused more on what you think, or others think, as opposed to what Christ thinks…

You are not living the Authentic Life, and you will not offer to your people what they so desperately need today’s world…

Authentic Leadership.

Check out the new Billy Graham initiative: MY HOPE AMERICA!

© Terry Walling 2013

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