That’s Not Nice, Jimmy Kimmel!

You Are Not a Very Nice Person… Jimmy Kimmel!


How Dare You Tell Them to Take My Candy!

So Much Hardship at Such a Young Age!

Every year Jimmy Kimmel (a “late-night show host” here in the USA) tells parents to tell their children that during the night they (the parents) ate all of the candy the kids collected from trick-or-treating (American Halloween ritual) the night before.

And Oh… the uproar from these poor little ones. It’s a great lesson in leadership. There are those out there counting on us to stay true, and not step over the line! Especially when it comes to their “Snickers and Tootsie Rolls!”

So, Jimmy Kimmel…How could you do it! How could you do it to these little ones?  How dare you burst the bubble that life is not “a box of chocolates!”

Here’s another entry for our “Just for FUN” category!


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