Why the Khan Academy Changes Everything! [LBU]

What’s So Significant About Khan Academy?

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Sal Khan’s vision is simple… and yet it changes everything.

In his own words… “Too many people around the globe don’t have access to good education materials, or they are forced to learn through a system that doesn’t properly cater to their individual needs. We think the technology exists today to fundamentally change this, and we’re trying to build the tools and resources every student deserves.”

Imagine a free, World Class education for everyone.  Khan Academy already has!

The POINT? As compelling as Khan’s vision is… there is an even deeper insight that we dare not miss! Did you catch it? With each new day, more and more information is accessible to more and more people.

Why so important? For those who train and develop leaders… things have changed.

Those you are training already have access to the information you seek to teach, before you offer it to them. They can go on-line (sometimes while your teaching it) and… download it, implement it, and even replicate it… without the need of a middleman like a church, denomination, college, seminary, local conference, workshop or conference.

And they can do at their own convenience… for less cost than traveling to your event.

The role of the teacher (resourcer) is now much more that of facilitation;  helping learners process INFORMATION, identifying and synthesizing core truth, and how to turn insights into NEW BEHAVIOR. The future is about facilitating WHAT we know into HOW we live.

It is also why skills of COACHING and MENTORING are now important words. They are much more than “fad” words, or the “latest thing.” They are the new skills for a new day.

And it’s what’s behind our NEW delivery platform called

Leader Breakthru University (LBU)


LBU’s goal is simple: To place at the fingertips of every risk-taking, Kingdom leader (and their coaches)… the best of leader development insights, helping them breakthrough, and make their Kingdom contribution.

COACHING and Coach Certification: Leader Breakthru seeks to train coaches to coach the development of leaders… bringing together the best of coaching skills with core insights offered on LBU!

How LBU helps an individual leader … bite-sized, synthesized, personal development resourcing… as they go… when they need it. No longer having to wait for a workshop to be offered, or the next time the class is taught.

How LBU helps coaches and mentors who are working with leaders … breakthrough for those you are helping to help… core ideation and tools on how God develops leaders getting at the issues quicker… going deeper… and having a greater impact.

The Result?  Breakthrough!

Defining moments in the lives of Kingdom leaders, all for the price of a “hamburger” or an eBook on Kindle.”  On-line, resourcing videos and processes;  $2.99 individual video+worksheet / $7.99 set of three videos+worksheets.

LBU can help your organizations, local church, mission agency, or Kingdom ministry … we can help you offer a personalized training experience to those you seeks to influence, and better help train you to coach breakthrough in their personal  development. We offer customized packages for organizations.

Where to Start?  Tap into Leader Breakthru University and sign-up for your FREE account >>


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