listening to your life.

Listening to your life.

I have devoted much of the last 25 years of my life to helping people discover and clarify their personal calling… to listen to their lives. In each of our stories are the seeds of God’s purposes, and designs for the future direction of our lives.

Personal Calling is at the core of our Focused Living personal development process. It has helped over 20,000 people uncover God’s unique shaping and call on their lives, experienced by Christ-followers like yourself, all over the world, in a variety of different venues.

The clarifying of a leader’s personal calling is the thesis of my doctoral project… “Personal renewal precedes and catalyzes corporate change.” The place to begin when the desire is to change the organization is to begin with the renewal and refocusing of its leaders.


it was during one of the dark moments of my own life, that I needed to be reminded of the power of calling and the truth about personal renewal.  I went through a burnout experience in 2001, and calling came home to serve my own life, and helped me to clarify my way forward.

I had driven myself so hard in helping others, that I was the casualty. I had stop listening to my own life, and started listen to the demands of life.

palmer-parkerOne of the ways God brought me back was through the affirmation I received from reading the book, “Let Your Life Speak” by Parker Palmer.

Though small in number of pages, it was huge in my restoration. God used its truths to call me back to my calling. It was both a clarion call… and a feeding for my soul.

In this video Palmer gives a few summary thoughts from the book. It is especially for those of you who are pushing so hard to meet all the demands, that you could be losing you. I know how that feels. Maybe these can help you too!

71_569921If there is a hunger inside of you… like there was in me…

A desire to hear God’s voice in a new, fresh way, to clarify who God has shaped you to be… and what he desires for you to do…

You might want to consider the Focused Living On-line Process, and walking it through with a coach.

If you have experienced Focused Living… would love for you to give a quick note of encouragement for others who might need the process.

© Terry Walling 2013


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