faith challenge, i.


How do you spell FAITH?  How about R-I-S-K.  (John Wimber)

The farther you go in your journey with Christ, the less risk you may take in your faith. Its often because the farther you go, the more you have at stake.

Yet the very essence of following God and leading His people, requires faith— vision is the ability to see and believe that which others do not see and believe (Hebrews 11:1–6).

So the question is a good one to ask yourself… especially if you have walked with God for a awhile… How’s your faith? And… Have you become RISK-adverse?

The Faith Challenge process item is one of the many tools used by God to shape character. They occur throughout the growth and development of all Christ followers, but in particular in the life and development of a leader. You will not escape times of Faith Challenge if your desire is to please your God (Heb. 11:6).

Faith Challenges involve defining moments when all Christ-followers must step beyond, and trust God in new ways, in order to see how God is already at work.

Faith Challenges often provide divine affirmation and directional clarity. Leaders also gain greater spiritual confidence for future ministry by walking out a Faith Challenge.

Faith Challenges are often about voice recognition; being able to hear, recognize, and follow God’s voice. They can occur in various stages and areas of one’s life and leadership, and often involve ssues relating to:

  • provision (or lack)
  • overcoming apparent obstacles
  • obstacles to new direction
  • understanding in terms of conflicts and struggles
  • moving into next chapters
  • taking on new jobs or assignments

Faith Challenges are processing agents when God challenges those whom are His own to move beyond what they know about Him, to discover new insights about His character and divine purposes.

Internally, somewhere along the path, a question can surface: Is the God we serve a God who can be trusted? Can He be trusted when our future seems uncertain? when those we love are struggling? When the answers we need are not forthcoming?

Faith Challenges can be one-act, or a series of events.  Typically they consists of three parts: (1) A revelation or call from God to move beyond where one finds one’s self. (2) A realization that it is God who is the one challenging you to action, and to put new weight down on current belief. (3) A resultant mindset is the by-product that causes an individual, leader or group to trust God in new and greater ways into the future.

Moses faced several faith challenges in his development. The burning bush moment was a challenge to his faith. As Moses drew closer and closer to a bush on fire, but did not burn up…  was Moses willing to let God act and lead him in new ways (Exodus 3:11–12). Can God challenge you to step out, with means He has not used before?

I sometimes say to leaders who I am coaching… “What got you here, may not take you there!” 

Faith challenges involve stepping beyond. History tells us that the God we love is also a God who challenges the faith of those who say they follow Him.

He tested Joshua’s faith… Ester’s faith… Peter’s faith… Paul’s faith… and he will test our faith.

© Terry Walling 2013

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