why the good ones fall? [podcast]


Why Do Good Leaders Fail?

[ Podcast #5 ]

I can remember where I was when I heard the news that he had fallen because of issues of character.

I had heard him speak, bought his books, respected his ministry, and he was well known in my area. He was a “role model” for me as a young leader. In fact, quietly I had said to myself… “I want to be like him when I grow up.”

This leader and this moment was real. It occurred in my early days as a Sr. Pastor of a local church. Who it was is not as important today as that it occurred.

Most everyone I know now has had a similar experience… we know and remember the moments when we each have heard of a Pastor or Christian leader going down because of moral failure. It says a lot about this last chapter in Christian leadership.

We all know that people make mistakes.

And yes, we each have put leaders up on pedestals. But still… why does it happen? What causes men (and women) who start out well, and have godly dreams… fall?

Yes its character… but maybe there is more to the story.

That’s the topic of this edition of the “The WEEKEND Podcast.”

Our Topic:  The Character Formation of a Leader.


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