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“Each of us are allotted the same amount of time every day, week, month, and year. No one get’s more than anyone else. Each of us gets the same!”

That was the challenge from my friend Keith Webb (Author of the the book The COACH Model) during our recent coaching call. It seemed so obvious… but for me it was like a slap-in-the-face, and a wake-up call, all rolled into one!

Keith went further… “So if that is true, Terry… then we need to QUIT TRADING AWAY OUR TIME.  We need to start using our time to do the few things that really matter… and those thing which only we can do. It’s time we let others do some of those other things!”

Keith was right.

Time is the most prized commodity of our day.

I have struggled (seemingly forever) with the issue of how I use my time!

There has been a reason I haven’t got hold of my schedule… I have seen time management as being one more way to cram more things into fewer hours… and therefore be more productive for God. And, I haven’t let people help me with my time because they would end up telling me I was doing too much.

So now… TWO-TRUTHS have collided:

TRUTH: I have refused to live within my limits when it comes to time.

TRUTH:  I don’t have unlimited TIME. I have exactly the same amount of time as everyone else.

There are limits to how much I can do… and those are now ways to help determine what I should do.

POINT:  I have been TRADING the few hours that I have… for activities that I have justified. I take on new work to help make sure we will have what we need (financially). I am TRADING away by CONTRIBUTION for security. And , I have convinced myself I will be able to do all that I want, and get it all done. Impossible. Never happen.


If I live within my limits, and stop doing so much activity… and if I begin to focus on my contribution of writing, finishing my resources and coaching key leaders (which I know that this is what the Lord wants)… I FEAR that God will not come through for our financial provision. (Though He has done it countless times before). Ouch!

How did I get to this realization? Here are two-level of questions that help bring me to this point. Maybe they can be of help for you.


  • Am I/are you currently a slave to the busyness of my life? (Yes!)
  • How long has it been since I/we have taken a good, hard look at our schedule? (Long-time)
  • Am I/ are you so tired of the personal priorities battle, that which you slot things into your available time? (Yes)
  • Since I/you have limited time, how would I feel differently about my life if I begin to see some of the best getting done, and if I quit trading my time away? (I will be better once I quit the trading)


  • Terry… Do you accept that time (now) is your most precious commodity? (Yes)
  • Terry… Do you accept you have traded your time for your security? your fears? (Yes… forgive me Lord)
  • Terry… Do you accept that this behavior is building a greater frustration in you every day? (Yes!)
  • Terry… Do you accept that the use of your time will impact how God can/will use you in the future? (Yes!)
  • Terry… Do you accept you cannot ignore how you spend your time? (forsaking and taking on more activity?) (Yes!)

The NEW Paradigm I need to embrace:

  • GOOD things NEED TO GO/STOP… if I am going to do more BEST things? (Truth)
  • Where God guides HE PROVIDES… go to a deeper level of trust in the Lord. (Promise)
  • What might this look like, on an ONGOING basis vs. Handling frustrations, then slipping back? (Reality)

So What Are My Next Steps?

  1. Answer each of these questions honestly– keep entering in journal or a blog on my progress and/or journey.
  2. Share my thoughts with someone else … (for me it will be Robin my wife)
  3. Take action steps NOW… don’t sit and wait… I will never get more time.


I can’t afford it!  Can You?

Love to Hear Your Thoughts!

© Terry Walling 2013