faith challenges, ii.

Faith Means Facing Consistent Challenges


Faith Challenges, Part 2.

Ran across an interesting read from Steve Pressfield, “The War of Art.” In it he chronicles the worthy struggle of bringing out what lies deep within each of us, and hit me with a truth that I think all leaders need to hear.

“There is no such thing as a Fear-less Warrior. The amateur believes he must first overcome his fear; then he can do his work. The professional knows that fear can never be overcome. He knows there is no such thing as a fearless warrior or a dread-free artist. (The War of Art, p.79)

Faith Challenges are when God calls a Christ-follower or leader to step into new and deeper trust of Him, to meet needs, provide answers and often give greater divine affirmation and ministry advancement. Faith Challenges not only serve to produce greater faith, but also serve to built greater spiritual authority for future ministry.

The Faith Challenge Process Item recognizes the essential importance of building greatest trust as we move forward, along with the facing of the fears resident in all of us who seek to see God’s Kingdom come, and advance.

I agree with Pressfield… “There is no such thing as a fearless warrior.”

Moses would have not truly followed after God if he has allowed his past defeats or fears to hold him back; decline the investigation of the burning bush (Exodus 3:11–12). Moses needed a greater faith to take the people of God to a new place,  and therefore faced a God who who spoke and assure his presence. Moses was called on to face his fears and his limits. God often challenged Moses’ faith.

Leadership, growth and clarity of vision all require moments when our faith must be challenged. God will often challenge the faith of his people and leaders during kingdom expansion. Leaders must model faith by leading God’s people to trust him in new ways.

Here are THREE moments where God uses FAITH CHALLENGES in the formation and development in the lives of both leaders and Christ-followers:

1. In times of TRANSITIONS… God uses transitions to clarify both where we have been, and where we are headed. Don’t be surprised that the way forward in a time of “in-between” is to walk into the unknown, believing God is both there, and is leading you to a new place.

2. In time of NEW… God uses the beginnings of any new venture to build both greater trust and dependency. Launch new organizations, beginning new initiatives, and planting new expressions of the church are not than just moments when funding is required. They are moments that require us to put-weight down on the truths we believe.

3. In time of CRISIS… God uses hard, confusing, frustrating moments to cause us to believe again that “He who began this good work… ” (Phil. 1:6) is still at work. Easy to believe when things all line up, and go our way. But often the greater FAITH CHALLENGES occur when nothing goes the right way, and even pain is involved.

All warriors will face moments of faith-less-ness.

Moments when fears begin to overtake faith. Those moments are when God does some of His most important forming work. They point us back to both the source and the author of our faith.

© 2014 Terry Walling

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