The Power of Dream-lets! [What Do You See?]

What You See impacts Where You Go.


Personal Vision and the Future Reality.

I am running errands on Saturday afternoon… and I am only half listening to NPR (Public Radio in the USA)… and before I realized it, I am hooked listening to an ear-catching interview

The show is talking to, and about, Fighter pilots who experience extreme g-forces, to the point of blacking-out and having moments where they actually document out-of-body experiences, called “dream-lets.”

It turns out these Fighter Pilots can sometimes experience gravitational stress well above levels of tolerance, and can experience short periods of time during which normal brain function persists, despite loss of adequate blood flow to the brain. At the end of this period, consciousness can be lost from these gravitational forces and the length of an unconscious period can average from a range of 2 to 38 seconds. Wow!

Fighter Pilots have described these moments as being very strong, memorable, out-of-body type experiences, where they see themselves outside of themselves, doing things, and being outside of the norm. Their experiences are very vivid, often in very beautiful moments and places, and them having a strong desire to both understand and even stay in that moment. Some every see a bright light.

I think what hooked me the most, though, was listening to one of the fighter pilots further explain what he experienced.

His sense that he was seeing the future, and that he was no longer bound by what was, but that he felt that he was able to pre-experience where his life was going. His sense was that he was actually separate from the jet (scary thought because I fly a lot) and that he was in the future.

In that moment, he could literally see a vivid moment of his future… and this it felt like to him the sum total of his past, yet he was being projected out into where he was going into the future.” Double-Wow!

They call these moments “Dream-lets!”

The topic of VISION hovers around the issue of leadership, and has often been made to be something other than what it really is! True, godly vision, is like a “dream-let,” a snapshot of a future reality from God’s perspective.

It is God allowing us to see; to step outside of what we know, and help us see what we do not know. We are allowed to catch a glimpse of the work He has been doing all along.  It is the sum total of the past, present and His future, woven into a brief moment. Its is dynamic. And as we move toward it, God unfolds what He has been at work authoring.

Vision can be described as a dream-let.  Not the full picture, but rather like a veiled glance into where things are headed.

The question is not whether He is at work, the question is do we know what He is at work doing? Vision is a glimpse… a word-picture that seeks to describe that future reality from God’s perspective, not our own.

The distorted view of vision often comes from issues of ambition, man-made dreams, or even our pathology, as opposed to a future orientation from the eyes of God.

If God could have His way in your life, what would the future look like?

Personal Vision is different from the organizational vision, church or ministry vision. Even if you lead one of those, personal vision is your part of the greater, overall, corporate vision.

Personal vision is an exercise in future perfect thinking. It calls for discerning the influences in our past that have shaped our lives and created a passion for God, and a passion to accomplish something that would glorify Him.

While purpose and mission clarify… Vision motivates. Purpose is what wakes you up in the morning, but its is vision that keeps you up at night.

Here are some good Checkpoint questions for personal vision:

  • Can you see it?
  • Is it bigger than you?
  • Does it engage your passion?
  • Is it seeded and does it find root in your past?
  • Does it engage and intersect every area of your life?
  • Does it advance your kingdom, or his?
  • Would you do it even if you did not get paid for it, or would you pay for the chance to do it?

© Terry Walling 2014


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