Leadership is NOT Enough! [The Mission]

There is a Bigger Picture!

Because the topic of this blog and its posts is leadership and the issue of leader development… the conclusion could be drawn that this Walling-guy and Leader Breakthru thinks that leadership is the only key.

But leadership alone is short-sighted.

Before we go further… invest a few moments to watch (experience) this video, and then let me explain the more.

It’s not just about leadership.

It’s about the integration of discipleship with leadership.

It’s about seeing that what you just heard in Mike’s journey is cultivated, nurtured and developed. That genuine, real faith is deepened, anchored and growing in Christ. It’s about the need for personal surrendering of ones life to Jesus Christ, and then it’s about the discovering the good works which He has purposed for that life (Eph. 2:8-10).

Discipleship + Leadership… one of these core functions cannot (in my mind) exist without the other.

If the focus is just on discipleship… we have created another spectator and potentially another consumer of learning, promoting a notion that before I can go out, I need more and more equipping.

If the focus is just about leadership… we produce driven individuals who fall prey to issues like ambition, false-fruit and the proving of one’s self. The result is leading those we influence down the wide-path, as opposed to the narrow road.

But together… the integration of discipleship into leadership is about Christ’s agenda… and His Kingdom come and His will be done.

We need well-discipled, well-grounded, Christ-followers who know that there is more than just attending Church, and who know they have been loved first, and then and called by God to make a difference in their world for their God.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 11.15.04 AM

My take is that it’s time we break down these SILOS. It’s time we construct pathways, and lay paths of freedom for the men and women who discover what Mike discovered in the video… and for the many more that God could give us the privilege to influence and develop.

It’s time that Christ-followers, whatever their job, stage-in-life, ethnicity or life challenges, know Christ deeply, and serve Christ fully! That’s my take.

What’s Yours?

© Terry Walling 2014


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