confessions of a yes-aholic

You may ( I hope) have noticed that I had take a break from new, blog posts!

My rhythm for posting had gotten pretty consistent; three posts a week. And it was exciting as more and more readers were joining in on the discussions. I am back writing again.

So WHY did I stop? Especially since all the expert bloggers tell you that to break your patterns means death in the blogging universe, especially if you want consistent followers.

A bigger question!

When is it right/important for a leader to say NO to doing things they love, new opportunities?

Saying NO is one of the most difficult tasks for us leader-types. There are several important reasons to say No.

When an exciting project, new opportunity and even once-in-a-lifetime ask come along along, it’s been too easy to keep convince myself that it can all be done, squeezed in, and made to work!

Back to the question… “Why did I say NO and break the momentum from my blogging?

The reason (and answer) has to do with clarity related to my unique contribution. Through some very focused reflection time using our APEX process related to my own personal development, I was able to see my MAJOR ROLE become an important decision-making tool.

MAJOR ROLE is a one-sentence description of  unique contribution. Clarity to contribution surfaces for Christ-followers somewhere in the mid 40s. It helps to provide a decision-making grid for the mid-game, and the saying of “NO!” As the demands and opportunities overwhelm our lives, it is often easy to just keep taking on more and more!

My MAJOR ROLE Statement… I resource and coach breakthrough in the lives of risk-taking, Kingdom leaders.

This time I made the choice to say “NO” to something I really enjoyed and was having a real impact (i.e. my blogging), in order to say “YES” to that which was strategic, and holding back my making my unique CONTRIBUTION.

I can tell you I have suffered in the past, and paid the price, for too many times when I did not SAY NO!

These last three months I have been finishing finishing the THREE Leadership Development processes that help leaders navigate transition moments, breakthrough and finish well. Without these finished, our contribution has been held back.

This set of  THREE leadership development discovery processes (Focused Living, APEX and Resonance) have sat, 75% completed, but not able to be replicated to others in their current state. Utilizing my MAJOR ROLE helped me make the decision.

At this moment, finishing the three core processes lent itself as the most strategic step I could make in living out my MAJOR ROLE (shown above). Without these processes completed, leaders would not have what they needed to truly breakthrough.

But a case can be made for BOTH options of blogging and the processes. Both are GOOD things that produce Kingdom fruit. How does one decide between two good things? In the past… I would have tried to do both… blown past my boundaries, and then ask others to pay for my lack of intention and even less than best work.

Clarity in my MAJOR ROLE gave me peace to step away from the GOOD option of blogging, in order to focus my efforts and time on that which was BEST in terms of making my Kingdom contribution. Decisions in the mid game are often ones of GOOD vs. BEST.

So how do YOU say NO to the GOOD… in order to say YES to the BEST?

What do you use to make (or not make) those decisions? Here is a link to our on-line, APEX process that helped me clarify my CONTRIBUTION. It may offer you the help you need.

By the way… the battle continues.

Ahead is saying NO even more.

I need to begin saying NO to speaking and training I would have said YES to just a few years ago, in order to focus my efforts on the few things God has for me to do!

Are you saying NO?






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