forwarding your development

be-yond ||preposition, adverb

further-reaching than; happening or continuing after; having progressed or achieved more than; outside the physical limits or range.

I spent long summers in the family car, making treks across the USA, traveling from California to Florida, and back. Can’t go much farther than that in the continental US.  Four long days in the back seat, drawing lines on the vinyl upholstery that my sister could not cross, thinking we would never get there. No less, get out of Texas.

How do we keep moving as a Christ-follower? How do we move beyond where we are, to the places we feel God has called us to be? Sometimes the journey can feel like those never ending days on the road.

How do we “further-reach?

There are two-roads that I’ve discovered Christ-followers and leaders must travel. “Further-reaching” involves navigating:

(1) Situational passages, and (2) Sovereign pathways

Situational passages deal with the trees – Sovereign pathways deal with the forest. Both offer hints to how God is at work, aligning with his purposes, and moving forward.

We (Christ-followers) tend to live and invest our time only on the situational road. Trying to make life work now. God calls us to also walk with Him down the sovereign path.

You and I may be moving forward, and not even know it.

Navigating Situational passages are essential. We are called to live in the present… handle the immediate… face the daily challenges and tests.

Having the courage to walk down the Sovereign pathways is also essential. We need to see beyond… up around the bend… seeing life from God’s, bigger-picture.

“Further-reaching” is propelled by maintaining a journey on both roads. Breakthroughs come to those who courageously walk through both the situational passages and down the sovereign paths. Keeping your eyes on where you are, while simultaneously gaining insights into where God is at work, is the key to moving forward. Let’s explain further.

Two Observations:

First… Psalm 119:105 says the Word of God is a “lamp unto our feet” and a “light unto our path.” Lamp provides situational perspective, and light offers sovereign insights. The way forward requires revealed truth. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.”

Second… We do not get to clarity alone. In order to move forward, we need community and trusted guides who can help us surface the answers the Spirit has already placed within. These trusted friends can often spot forward movement, especially when we think things are at a standstill.

Two sets of Questions:

To help walk down the SOVEREIGN PATH, here are some coaching topics/questions to help you gain the big-picture work and purposes of God. Hebrews 13:7,8 tells us that the way he worked in the lives of people like Daniel, David, Deborah, along with Peter, Paul and Priscilla are the same ways he is working in your life.

Coaching questions… Where have you been? What have been your defining moments, or turning points? What are the lessons God has deposited into your journey? What does the past tell us about what might be next?

To help navigate the SITUATIONAL PASSAGES, here are some coaching topic/questions to navigate the day-to-day challenges and remaining align to God’s shaping work. Remember that God shapes our lives through people, events and circumstances.

 Coaching questions… What’s right? What’s wrong? What’s missing? What’s confused?

In the recesses and crevices of these question often lies insights and answers that have yet to be discovered. I know. I have been there when they have come out in the midst of a coaching conversation. The discovery of unknown purposes often surprise the one who voices them and reveals that one’s life is moving, even when movement seems stuck.

Like we stated earlier: You and I may be moving forward, and not even know it. As you discover how God is already at work, you might be more aware of the road moving, underneath your feet, taking you to a new place.

“further-reaching” is about knowing the roads you are traveling on, and being willing to keep moving.

Are we there yet?


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