Few Leaders Finish Well [Accepting the Challenge]

According to the life work and research of former Fuller Seminary professor and leadership development mentor, Dr. J. Robert Clinton, “as few as 30% of Christian leaders finish well.”

It’s time for this percentage to change. It’s time to see the Church and her leaders not just run the race in front of them, but run the race to the end and finish well.

Why is this so important?

We won’t see a different Church unless we first see different leaders—leaders who are passionate for Christ, courageous in their leadership, and committed to developing others. As the leaders go, so goes the Church.

For 30+ years, I (Terry Walling) and we at Leader Breakthru, have dedicated our lives and work to renewing leaders. We’ve discovered that when a coaching relationship is combined with insights into how God shapes leaders, transformation happens. Leaders are renewed. And when leaders are different, we as a church are different. Transformed leaders means a transformed church.

We have accepted the challenge to change the percentage.
We are all in. We are committed to see more leaders start, continue, and finish well.

We are inviting you to accept the challenge and join us in fighting this good fight.

  • Help us to train 1,000 new coaches over the next two years, entrusting them with our proven resources and processes
  • Empowering and coaching them to bring breakthrough to 10,000 Christian leaders
  • Challenging those leaders to collectively influence 10+leaders… resulting in 100,000 Christ-led leaders who will live, lead, and finish well.

 If you have impacted by the resources and insights from this blog… by Focused Living, STUCK! or by Coaching, help us make a difference in leaders lives, around the world.

HIT the Accept the Challenge With Us!

A gift of ANY size will make a big difference!


Help us spread the word about “Accepting the Challenge” by sharing this link with 10+ people whom you know might be interested in this initiative. (https://www.youcaring.com/accept-the-challenge)


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