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We resource and coach breakthrough in the lives of risk-taking, Kingdom leaders.

At our core… is a passion for clarity.

We resource and coach the leadership development of passionate Christ-followers, helping them to better make their Kingdom contribution.

Why?  Only 1-in-3 FINISH WELL (Research: Dr. J. Robert Clinton)

They get Stuck! They Plateau in their development. The Need and Our vision… to change this percentage… more leaders finishing well. Leader Breakthru was launched in 2007 by Terry Walling to address this very issue.

Through the development of user-friendly resources, the training of coaches, and the training of facilitators who can run experiential training events, Leader Breakthru seeks to stand alongside those whom God has called to make a difference… in local churches, missional movements, and the marketplace.

Since our beginning…

  • We have trained 200+ coaches have been trained to coach the personal development leaders.
  • We have written and done workshops using our book: STUCK! Navigating Life and Leadership Transitions
  • Developed Three core processes to help leaders keep moving: Focusing Leaders, APEX, Resonance
  • Launch Coach and Facilitator Training events

Leaders like yourself often need two-types of resourcing:

First — Perspective

We help leaders see the big picture and gain greater sovereign perspective of how God is at work. We help you discern your long-term direction based on God’s sovereign plan and shaping. Your personal development will help to empower you to bring resourcing and help to those you lead. We offer three, linear learning experiences that facilitate a leader’s discovery of calling, contribution and convergence. These three experiences are Focused Living, APEX and Resonance

Second — Coaching

We help leaders address their current, situational issues through personal development coaching. We help you identify and address your current circumstances or obstacles through coaching, on-site training, and online resourcing. We offer online coaching modules, one-on-one coaching, as well as coaching skills and  certificate training for individuals who desire to be personal development, life coaches.

Learn more about what we do at Leader Breakthru »

One thought on “Leader Breakthru

  1. Thanks for the WORKshop yesterday where the Lord helped me focus on what He wants me to do in my immediate future which I had been seeking Him about. Just turning 66, I could do anything, yet now I KNOW what the Lord wants me to do. Thank you so much. Not easy but good and I was sitting at the best table with the most awesome women in the place!


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