Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.06.37 PMI am passionate to coach the development of leaders. Coaching is shifting today. With access to information and new ideas just a click away, the attention is shifting to how that information is impacting the person. I believe we must now coach the person, not just help them work the problem. My unique contribution is how to coach the development of leaders.

I have merged 30+ years of coaching experience with 40+ years of research in Christian leadership development from Dr. J. Robert Clinton, my mentor. I also am the founder of Leader Breakthru, a training and coaching organization/ministry focused on developing resources and processes that help us better coaching the person and their unique development.

About me…

Robin and I have been married for 35 years, reside in Chico, California, and have three adult married children (Donya, Kyle and Brianna) and six grand babies. We love it, and each of them.

My core values include wanting to do life and ministry with those who… exhibit brave hearts, want relational-based ministry, see the need for being and doing, love laughter and fun, are focused on the mission of Christ, alignment to Jesus Christ, discovery, and who want to live focused lives as acts of worship.

I authored several books including our new book, “The IDEA Coaching Pathway,” along with my best known book on transitions entitled,“STUCK!” In my coaching, I saw leaders struggling to navigate times of transition, and to see God’s greater purposes. I was also privileged to write the book “Awakening: Awakening to the Call of God” with my son Kyle and Zack Curry of Jesus Culture.

I teach and coach in several Doctor of Ministry programs in Seminaries across North America. I currently serve as Adjunct Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and am Director of their D.Min. Mentoring Program.

My topic is the merging of coaching/mentoring with the study of lifelong, leader development… how God shapes ans transforms the life and influence of a leader, over time, for Kingdom influence.

I am a graduate of Point Loma College and attended Talbot Theological Seminary. I received his Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Seminary in Global Ministry and Leadership Development.

Before founding Leader Breakthru, I served for twenty years iwth Church Resource Ministries (CRM) in charge of its U.S. Ministries, and Church Revitalization.

One thought on “About Terry

  1. Rev. Dr. Wesley E. Johnson has written a book just published by Redemption Press titled He Wakens Me: How to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Pray. He wants to send a copy to each person mentioned in the book. You are on the list. To what address should the book be sent?
    -Theresa Schaudies
    Asst Dir Awakenings Prayer Institute
    (425) 422-0645


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