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“further-reaching” [Forwarding Your Development]

“further-reaching” How Christ-followers move beyond where they are. be-yond ||preposition, adverb further-reaching than; happening or continuing after; having progressed or achieved more than; outside the physical limits or range. I spent long summers in the family car, making treks across the USA, traveling from California to Florida, and back. Can’t go much farther than that […]
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Leadership is NOT Enough! [The Mission]

There is a Bigger Picture! Because the topic of this blog and its posts is leadership and the issue of leader development… the conclusion could be drawn that this Walling-guy and Leader Breakthru thinks that leadership is the only key. But leadership alone is short-sighted. Before we go further… invest a few moments to watch […]
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The Juggling Act! [The Weekend Podcast #6]

It takes skill to know how to keep all the plates in the air! [ Ministry Formation] The shaping of skills is another tool God uses to form a leader. Psalm 78:72 says… “And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.” This version of the weekend podcast talks about […]
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The Power of Dream-lets! [What Do You See?]

What You See impacts Where You Go. Personal Vision and the Future Reality. I am running errands on Saturday afternoon… and I am only half listening to NPR (Public Radio in the USA)… and before I realized it, I am hooked listening to an ear-catching interview The show is talking to, and about, Fighter pilots […]
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Are There Fearless Warriors? [Faith Challenges, Pt.2]

Faith Means Facing Consistent Challenges Faith Challenges, Part 2. Ran across an interesting read from Steve Pressfield, “The War of Art.” In it he chronicles the worthy struggle of bringing out what lies deep within each of us, and hit me with a truth that I think all leaders need to hear. “There is no […]
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Ending Blurry! [ Three Ways to See ]

Many leaders are fuzzy when it comes to their self-awareness. More than we’d like to admit… most of us need greater personal clarity. Trapped by the many things we can do, have to do, or are expected to do, most have little time to do the few things that we should do. And when our […]
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Destiny Dinners. [ How God Shapes What’s Important ]

God shapes our lives through people, events and circumstances. One Dinner Shaped Ours. By the title of this blog post… You might be expecting me to share about a dinner with a high-profile leader… or a meal with someone who offered us an unbelievable position… or maybe even my take on Jesus and his Last […]
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Leader Breakthru’s Super Bowl Commerical!

– ALMOST TIME FOR SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS –  Leader Breakthru Is Considering An Entry WHAT DO YOU THINK? It Works for Us? What Say You? Some Might Say… Shameless Walling!   Love To Hear How Stuck! has Impacted YOU! Check Out More About STUCK!

Failing FORWARD [The Sharpening of VALUES]

Some of the most important things about YOU… Come from some of your most difficult moments. Can YOU see you…   like God sees YOU? Do you hear Christ say of you, like the Father said to His Son… “This is my beloved son (or daughter) in whom I am well pleased?” Or, do your […]
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Listen To Your Life! [ Parker Palmer ]

Let Your Life Speak. I have devoted much of the last 25 years of my life to helping people discover and clarify their personal calling… to listen to their lives. In each of our stories are the seeds of God’s purposes, and designs for the future direction of our lives. Personal Calling is at the […]
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