are you a safe leader?

[ are you safe ] "Own your wounding or risk inflicting it on others!" I will never forget hearing that line for the first time as I listened to a podcast from Men's Retreat session taught by John Eldredge. It resonated with me, and the years I have fought through my own wounding and pathology. … Continue reading are you a safe leader?

on-line community. possible?

Is it Possible to Have Community... Virtually? Is it even possible to build a sense of community when you are not physically present? In conference calls? In On-line tele-classes or classrooms? Within threaded discussions? Before we go after the topic... a humorous look at why virtual has its challenges and limits. Take a look! It's … Continue reading on-line community. possible?

the juggling act! [podcast]

It takes skill to know how to keep all the plates in the air! [ Ministry Formation] The shaping of skills is another tool God uses to form a leader. Psalm 78:72 says... "And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them." This version of the weekend podcast talks about … Continue reading the juggling act! [podcast]

three ways to see

Many leaders are fuzzy when it comes to their self-awareness. More than we'd like to admit... most of us need greater personal clarity. Trapped by the many things we can do, have to do, or are expected to do, most have little time to do the few things that we should do. And when our … Continue reading three ways to see

ruthless hurry

Ruthlessly... Eliminate... Hurry The promises to yourself are all now made... and even if they are not written down, desires for the New Year are now etched into our thinking. But my guess, one new discipline that did NOT make your list was the challenge to ruthlessly eliminate hurry. Awhile back, John Ortberg told the … Continue reading ruthless hurry

is self-coaching possible?

I believe in two, core truths: First... You don't get to clarity alone." Second:  "You don't get to courage without community." I believe self-coaching has  limits and cannot be the extent of the coaching any leader receives. But... there is the "other side of coaching."  The flip-side of the coaching coin is the need for … Continue reading is self-coaching possible?


Some of the most important things about YOU... Come from some of your most difficult moments. Can YOU see you...   like God sees YOU? Do you hear Christ say of you, like the Father said to His Son... "This is my beloved son (or daughter) in whom I am well pleased?" Or, do your … Continue reading refining.

trading time

"Each of us are allotted the same amount of time every day, week, month, and year. No one get's more than anyone else. Each of us gets the same!" That was the challenge from my friend Keith Webb (Author of the the book The COACH Model) during our recent coaching call. It seemed so obvious... … Continue reading trading time

the defended leader

What is a Defended Leader or Person? A defended leader/person is someone who has fortified himself or herself around their own set of ideals, assumptions and beliefs to the exclusion of input or change. Few (if any) are able to influence or challenge. If you are defended, you are "walled off" from outside influence and … Continue reading the defended leader

real. [ authentic leadership > 2-of-5 ]

Deep Suspicion of more “quick fixes” and instant solutions has left many jaded of leaders, organizations and the depth of the Christian life. Edwin Friedman (The Failure of Nerve) argues for self-awareness and self-differentiation as the marks of true, authentic leadership. His formula for authentic leadership is more maturity, not more knowledge;  greater honesty, not … Continue reading real. [ authentic leadership > 2-of-5 ]

am I a leader? [ Podcast #4 ]

Am I Leader or Not?  [Podcast #4] Some resist the term leader, having experienced abuse by leader, or they hold to the view that the term "leader" is just a business import and not Biblical. Others resist being labeled a "leader" because they do not like the limelight or being upfront. And still others have … Continue reading am I a leader? [ Podcast #4 ]

mentor myths.

Mentoring is one of the most powerful means God uses to develop leaders. Yet most leaders struggle to find mentors. Mentoring is a relational experience in which one person empowers another by sharing God-given resources (“Connecting,” Paul Stanley and J Robert Clinton). Mentoring makes the mentor’s personal strengths, resources and network of contacts available to … Continue reading mentor myths.

are you in a transition? [The Podcast #3]

All leaders go through times of transition. The question is not whether you will go through times of transitions, but will the transitions have gone through you. Will  you have gotten all you can out of your transitions? In a transition a leader knows he or she cannot go back to what once was, but … Continue reading are you in a transition? [The Podcast #3]

the danger zone?

Could you be in the DANGER ZONE and not even know it? The DANGER ZONE is that period of time when a leader faces his or her greatest threat to finishing well. It's the place where we lose most of the leaders. Signs of the Danger Zone might surprise you. You may be in danger … Continue reading the danger zone?