sacred space ii.

  [sacred space provides a break for the norm] “The disciplines are those activities of mind and body, purposely undertaken to bring personality and one’s total being into effective cooperation with the Spirit of God so as to reflect Kingdom life.” —Rev. John Field Spiritual disciplines need to be removed from the category of historical … Continue reading sacred space ii.

are you a safe leader?

[ are you safe ] "Own your wounding or risk inflicting it on others!" I will never forget hearing that line for the first time as I listened to a podcast from Men's Retreat session taught by John Eldredge. It resonated with me, and the years I have fought through my own wounding and pathology. … Continue reading are you a safe leader?

don’t waste crisis.

It is inevitable (at some point) that questions related to the "why" of the unwanted pain and circumstances will confront issues of sovereignty and God's right to be God. When it/they do, those moments sometimes become defining moments where God shapes character. The unexpected and the unexplained can be some of the most difficult moments … Continue reading don’t waste crisis.

[ sacred space ] i.

A pause. [ sacred space ] sacred space… a different type of post... intentional space and time for communion... a break from the normal flow of ideas and information... transformation focused... a holy interruption... a time for a prayer, a passage, and a pause to reflect... in the midst of our busy lives. Linger in … Continue reading [ sacred space ] i.

finding time.

Dwight Eisenhower said, "What is important is seldom urgent. And what is urgent is seldom important." Stephen Covey introduced us to the "Important/Urgent" matrix in his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The farther that most Christ-followers go, they more they find that their own spiritual growth and development falls into the "Important but … Continue reading finding time.

follower, or just sympathizer?

This post is personal. This one's for me. You are welcome to look over my shoulder. Most of these words are not mine, but excerpts from Henri Nouwen and his book, The Road to Daybreak. "The Gospel today reveals that Jesus not only had good, faithful friends willing to follow Him wherever he went and … Continue reading follower, or just sympathizer?

bad things.

Leaders are not exempt from the painful.  Far from it. And bad things do often happen to good leaders. It sometimes has little to do with the individual or the leader, but more to do with the situation, and those involved. But that is actually what makes it feel all the more unjust. Another person's … Continue reading bad things.

DEEP In Every Heart

The hunger for transformation lies deep in every heart. The desire for transformation lies behind the many self-help books, seminars and renewal retreats. The possibility of transformation serves to fuel hope. If we lose hope, we lose the courage required to stay the process of change and allow God to do a deeper work in … Continue reading DEEP In Every Heart

Whats Trust Got To Do With It?

A HIGH TRUST LEADER is an individual who has unquestionably strong personal credibility, has the ability to model and create a place of transparency and vulnerability, and are those who are able to extend trust across the organization. Leaders who establish cultures that develop their leaders quickly discover that one of the key ingredients that … Continue reading Whats Trust Got To Do With It?