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“further-reaching” [Forwarding Your Development]

“further-reaching” How Christ-followers move beyond where they are. be-yond ||preposition, adverb further-reaching than; happening or continuing after; having progressed or achieved more than; outside the physical limits or range. I spent long summers in the family car, making treks across the USA, traveling from California to Florida, and back. Can’t go much farther than that […]
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Do You Say NO? [ Confessions of a Yes-aholic ]

You may ( I hope) have noticed that I had take a break from new, blog posts! My rhythm for posting had gotten pretty consistent; three posts a week. And it was exciting as more and more readers were joining in on the discussions. I am back writing again. So WHY did I stop? Especially […]
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Leadership is NOT Enough! [The Mission]

There is a Bigger Picture! Because the topic of this blog and its posts is leadership and the issue of leader development… the conclusion could be drawn that this Walling-guy and Leader Breakthru thinks that leadership is the only key. But leadership alone is short-sighted. Before we go further… invest a few moments to watch […]
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The Power of Dream-lets! [What Do You See?]

What You See impacts Where You Go. Personal Vision and the Future Reality. I am running errands on Saturday afternoon… and I am only half listening to NPR (Public Radio in the USA)… and before I realized it, I am hooked listening to an ear-catching interview The show is talking to, and about, Fighter pilots […]
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Leader Breakthru’s Super Bowl Commerical!

– ALMOST TIME FOR SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS –  Leader Breakthru Is Considering An Entry WHAT DO YOU THINK? It Works for Us? What Say You? Some Might Say… Shameless Walling!   Love To Hear How Stuck! has Impacted YOU! Check Out More About STUCK!

Five Ways to Avoid DRIFT!

Drift occurs when we have too much to do, and paralysis sets in. There comes a time when you realize that, as your day comes to an end, more things remain undone than done. You only hope that you left undone the right things. This daily challenge takes its toll, leave behind a “numbing” effect. […]
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The Danger Zone [ Some Are In It and Don’t Even Know It! ]

Could YOU be in the DANGER ZONE and NOT even know it? The DANGER ZONE is that period of time when a leader faces his or her greatest threat to finishing well. It’s the place where we lose most of the leaders. Signs of the Danger Zone might surprise you. You may be in danger […]
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So What STYLE Are You? [The Weekend Podcast #1]

What STYLE Are You? (And WHY it Matters) [The Weekend Podcast #1] I recently helped a leader sort through some of his frustrations. As I went to the whiteboard and diagrammed FOUR basic styles of leaders, I could literally feel a sense of relief come sweeping into the room! Finally, someone was giving this leader […]
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Your PASSION Could be Pointing to Your DESTINY

David, unlike any Bible character before him, was a leader whose passion was used to inspire and lead  the people of God. His passion was contagious, as he led men into battle, and as a new nation into existence. Yet in other ways he was a most ordinary man, often gripped by destructive passion, rocked […]
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Living into Your SWEET SPOT

I could not pass this picture up… for several reasons: First…. the player depicted in the picture is wearing my number in college when I played baseball for Point Loma College in San Diego. Number #29 always catches my eye! Second… I’ve got baseball on my mind as Dodger BLUE (God’s team and color) gear […]
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