the defended leader

What is a Defended Leader or Person? A defended leader/person is someone who has fortified himself or herself around their own set of ideals, assumptions and beliefs to the exclusion of input or change. Few (if any) are able to influence or challenge. If you are defended, you are "walled off" from outside influence and … Continue reading the defended leader

true. [ authentic leadership > 5-of-5 ]

authentic leaders are true. They live their lives more surrendered to the message and the mission of Christ, at the end then in the beginning. We conclude our FIVE-PART series on AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP with the clarity of the CROSS, the message that the authentic life only comes as one accepts Jesus Christ as Savior and … Continue reading true. [ authentic leadership > 5-of-5 ]

mentor myths.

Mentoring is one of the most powerful means God uses to develop leaders. Yet most leaders struggle to find mentors. Mentoring is a relational experience in which one person empowers another by sharing God-given resources (“Connecting,” Paul Stanley and J Robert Clinton). Mentoring makes the mentor’s personal strengths, resources and network of contacts available to … Continue reading mentor myths.

get off the stage.

I realize many of you have no real interest in Professional Baseball in America. Pity. It's a great game. For those of you who know me,  it is also no secret who my favorite team is; The Dodgers. I am in mourning as my team was eliminated from the playoffs on Friday night. It still … Continue reading get off the stage.