forwarding your development

be-yond ||preposition, adverb further-reaching than; happening or continuing after; having progressed or achieved more than; outside the physical limits or range. I spent long summers in the family car, making treks across the USA, traveling from California to Florida, and back. Can't go much farther than that in the continental US.  Four long days in … Continue reading forwarding your development

then what?

Then What? It is not a question whether hardship, disappointment or the unexplained will happen to those who love Jesus Christ. He told us that we would not be able to escape life. It's not if, but when, and how (John 16:33). Bad things happen to good people. Good leaders experience deep processing. The Church … Continue reading then what?

on-line community. possible?

Is it Possible to Have Community... Virtually? Is it even possible to build a sense of community when you are not physically present? In conference calls? In On-line tele-classes or classrooms? Within threaded discussions? Before we go after the topic... a humorous look at why virtual has its challenges and limits. Take a look! It's … Continue reading on-line community. possible?

leveraging Jesus

Who is all this really about... You, or Christ? "Do you love me?" The interaction between Peter and Jesus in John 21 produced one of the penetrating of all challenges in the New Testament. Entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders alike... this same interaction could also be asked of us.  All those who stand at the crossroads … Continue reading leveraging Jesus

faith challenges, ii.

Faith Means Facing Consistent Challenges Faith Challenges, Part 2. Ran across an interesting read from Steve Pressfield, "The War of Art." In it he chronicles the worthy struggle of bringing out what lies deep within each of us, and hit me with a truth that I think all leaders need to hear. "There is no … Continue reading faith challenges, ii.

three ways to see

Many leaders are fuzzy when it comes to their self-awareness. More than we'd like to admit... most of us need greater personal clarity. Trapped by the many things we can do, have to do, or are expected to do, most have little time to do the few things that we should do. And when our … Continue reading three ways to see

an aversion to finishing

There can be a wide-gap between launching a project and bringing it to completion. Do you love to start... but dread what is required to finish what you started? I love dreaming, innovating and launching and getting it out there. I love looking back on a finished product or project. But that stuff in between... … Continue reading an aversion to finishing

destiny dinners.

By the title of this blog post... You might be expecting me to share about a dinner with a high-profile leader... or a meal with someone who offered us an unbelievable position... or maybe even my take on Jesus and his Last Supper with the Disciples. Instead... this post is about the topic of processing... … Continue reading destiny dinners.

is self-coaching possible?

I believe in two, core truths: First... You don't get to clarity alone." Second:  "You don't get to courage without community." I believe self-coaching has  limits and cannot be the extent of the coaching any leader receives. But... there is the "other side of coaching."  The flip-side of the coaching coin is the need for … Continue reading is self-coaching possible?

trading time

"Each of us are allotted the same amount of time every day, week, month, and year. No one get's more than anyone else. Each of us gets the same!" That was the challenge from my friend Keith Webb (Author of the the book The COACH Model) during our recent coaching call. It seemed so obvious... … Continue reading trading time

why the good ones fall? [podcast]

Why Do Good Leaders Fail? [ Podcast #5 ] I can remember where I was when I heard the news that he had fallen because of issues of character. I had heard him speak, bought his books, respected his ministry, and he was well known in my area. He was a "role model" for me … Continue reading why the good ones fall? [podcast]

faith challenge, i.

How do you spell FAITH?  How about R-I-S-K.  (John Wimber) The farther you go in your journey with Christ, the less risk you may take in your faith. Its often because the farther you go, the more you have at stake. Yet the very essence of following God and leading His people, requires faith— vision … Continue reading faith challenge, i.

listening to your life.

Listening to your life. I have devoted much of the last 25 years of my life to helping people discover and clarify their personal calling... to listen to their lives. In each of our stories are the seeds of God's purposes, and designs for the future direction of our lives. Personal Calling is at the … Continue reading listening to your life.

true. [ authentic leadership > 5-of-5 ]

authentic leaders are true. They live their lives more surrendered to the message and the mission of Christ, at the end then in the beginning. We conclude our FIVE-PART series on AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP with the clarity of the CROSS, the message that the authentic life only comes as one accepts Jesus Christ as Savior and … Continue reading true. [ authentic leadership > 5-of-5 ]