the juggling act! [podcast]

It takes skill to know how to keep all the plates in the air! [ Ministry Formation] The shaping of skills is another tool God uses to form a leader. Psalm 78:72 says... "And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them." This version of the weekend podcast talks about … Continue reading the juggling act! [podcast]

am I a leader? [ Podcast #4 ]

Am I Leader or Not?  [Podcast #4] Some resist the term leader, having experienced abuse by leader, or they hold to the view that the term "leader" is just a business import and not Biblical. Others resist being labeled a "leader" because they do not like the limelight or being upfront. And still others have … Continue reading am I a leader? [ Podcast #4 ]

are you in a transition? [The Podcast #3]

All leaders go through times of transition. The question is not whether you will go through times of transitions, but will the transitions have gone through you. Will  you have gotten all you can out of your transitions? In a transition a leader knows he or she cannot go back to what once was, but … Continue reading are you in a transition? [The Podcast #3]

what makes leader? [podcast #2]

  Are you a leader? What is it that makes someone a leader? Leadership is influence, not position. Having the title or position of a leader does not automatically make someone a leader. Some leaders shy away from the title of leader because of the abuse of power, and the negative use of authority they … Continue reading what makes leader? [podcast #2]

style. [ the podcast #1]

I recently helped a leader sort through his frustrations. As I went to the whiteboard and diagrammed FOUR basic styles of leaders, I could literally feel a sense of relief come sweeping into the room! Finally, someone was giving this leader permission to be himself! Like many, this leader had been jammed into the mold … Continue reading style. [ the podcast #1]