isolation processing.

(Our most popular blog post... updated) Isolation can occur, even in the midst of a crowd. A person in isolation often does not sense the presence of God. What they typlically use to get to God, no longer works. The familiar becomes unfamiliar.  Isolation is very much an alone time; drought, lonely and a frustrating spiritual … Continue reading isolation processing.

forwarding your development

be-yond ||preposition, adverb further-reaching than; happening or continuing after; having progressed or achieved more than; outside the physical limits or range. I spent long summers in the family car, making treks across the USA, traveling from California to Florida, and back. Can't go much farther than that in the continental US.  Four long days in … Continue reading forwarding your development


Focusing on leadership alone is short-sighted. Invest a few moments to watch (experience) this video, and then let me explain the more. Mike's journey with God is one that has been cultivated, nurtured and developed. He has sought the genuine, watched his faith is deepened, anchored himself in the "person" of Christ, as opposed to … Continue reading more.