ruthless hurry

Ruthlessly... Eliminate... Hurry The promises to yourself are all now made... and even if they are not written down, desires for the New Year are now etched into our thinking. But my guess, one new discipline that did NOT make your list was the challenge to ruthlessly eliminate hurry. Awhile back, John Ortberg told the … Continue reading ruthless hurry

is self-coaching possible?

I believe in two, core truths: First... You don't get to clarity alone." Second:  "You don't get to courage without community." I believe self-coaching has  limits and cannot be the extent of the coaching any leader receives. But... there is the "other side of coaching."  The flip-side of the coaching coin is the need for … Continue reading is self-coaching possible?


Some of the most important things about YOU... Come from some of your most difficult moments. Can YOU see you...   like God sees YOU? Do you hear Christ say of you, like the Father said to His Son... "This is my beloved son (or daughter) in whom I am well pleased?" Or, do your … Continue reading refining.

trading time

"Each of us are allotted the same amount of time every day, week, month, and year. No one get's more than anyone else. Each of us gets the same!" That was the challenge from my friend Keith Webb (Author of the the book The COACH Model) during our recent coaching call. It seemed so obvious... … Continue reading trading time

why the good ones fall? [podcast]

Why Do Good Leaders Fail? [ Podcast #5 ] I can remember where I was when I heard the news that he had fallen because of issues of character. I had heard him speak, bought his books, respected his ministry, and he was well known in my area. He was a "role model" for me … Continue reading why the good ones fall? [podcast]

faith challenge, i.

How do you spell FAITH?  How about R-I-S-K.  (John Wimber) The farther you go in your journey with Christ, the less risk you may take in your faith. Its often because the farther you go, the more you have at stake. Yet the very essence of following God and leading His people, requires faith— vision … Continue reading faith challenge, i.

listening to your life.

Listening to your life. I have devoted much of the last 25 years of my life to helping people discover and clarify their personal calling... to listen to their lives. In each of our stories are the seeds of God's purposes, and designs for the future direction of our lives. Personal Calling is at the … Continue reading listening to your life.

don’t waste crisis.

It is inevitable (at some point) that questions related to the "why" of the unwanted pain and circumstances will confront issues of sovereignty and God's right to be God. When it/they do, those moments sometimes become defining moments where God shapes character. The unexpected and the unexplained can be some of the most difficult moments … Continue reading don’t waste crisis.

the defended leader

What is a Defended Leader or Person? A defended leader/person is someone who has fortified himself or herself around their own set of ideals, assumptions and beliefs to the exclusion of input or change. Few (if any) are able to influence or challenge. If you are defended, you are "walled off" from outside influence and … Continue reading the defended leader

five Ways to avoid drift

Drift occurs when we have too much to do, and paralysis sets in. There comes a time when you realize that, as your day comes to an end, more things remain undone than done. You only hope that you left undone the right things. This daily challenge takes its toll, leave behind a "numbing" effect. … Continue reading five Ways to avoid drift

true. [ authentic leadership > 5-of-5 ]

authentic leaders are true. They live their lives more surrendered to the message and the mission of Christ, at the end then in the beginning. We conclude our FIVE-PART series on AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP with the clarity of the CROSS, the message that the authentic life only comes as one accepts Jesus Christ as Savior and … Continue reading true. [ authentic leadership > 5-of-5 ]

guided. [ authentic leadership > 4-of-5 ]

In the early years, I know I often times led out of my desire to please others. People, and their opinions, tossed me about in the storms of leading. I did not want that to be the case, but God was using those experiences to shape me and my leadership. As I experienced the ups-and-downs … Continue reading guided. [ authentic leadership > 4-of-5 ]

safe. [ authentic leadership > 3-of-5 ]

Are You a safe leader? One thing I learned early on was that if I was going to create environments that were safe enough for people to breakthrough and be transformed... I first must be a safe-leader. In a climbing expedition, the guide challenges those they lead to go to new places. Those who follow … Continue reading safe. [ authentic leadership > 3-of-5 ]

real. [ authentic leadership > 2-of-5 ]

Deep Suspicion of more “quick fixes” and instant solutions has left many jaded of leaders, organizations and the depth of the Christian life. Edwin Friedman (The Failure of Nerve) argues for self-awareness and self-differentiation as the marks of true, authentic leadership. His formula for authentic leadership is more maturity, not more knowledge;  greater honesty, not … Continue reading real. [ authentic leadership > 2-of-5 ]