STUCK! Navigating Life and Leadership Transitions
by Terry B. Walling

Terry helps Christ-followers recognize the characteristics of a transition, and how God shapes leaders during a transition.The characteristics of a transition are often prolonged confusion, restlessness, diminishing confidence and lack of clear direction for the future. In a time of transition an Christ-follower knows he/she cannot go back to where they have been, but do not know which way forward.

The book addresses these strategic questions related to Transitions:


  • What is a transition?
  • How do I know if I am in a transition?
  • What is the pathway through a transition?
  • What are the most strategic transition moments?
  • How does God use a transition to shape my life and direction?

God does some of his greatest work in the life of a believer during the times of transition. It is vital for Christ-followers to get all they can out of a time of transition.

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 NEW!  Stuck! Online Audio Class

New from Leader Breakthru University >>> 4 session audio discussion class, recorded live. Terry Walling facilitates leaders like yourself though the core understanding of transitions. Sit in on the four, 90-minute sessions and gain a greater understanding of God’s work during transitions. This online learning resource includes a PDF class notes.

  • Session #1 – Defining Transitions
  • Session #2 – The Life Cycle of Transitions
  • Session #3 – Three Strategic Transitions
  • Session #4 – How to Navigate Beyond the Transition

Stuck! 4-Session audio learning resource is one of many resources at Leader Breakthru University

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